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Affair of Honor is working to bring this production back to the stage. 



"Revenge is best served with Fury." 

The Five Vengeances By Jovanni Sy

Sept 27 - Oct 1, 2022
Shadbolt Centre for the Arts

The Five Vengeances is a queer love story that follows Fury, a raging warrior out to avenge the murder of her love Bella by the detestable Overlord. With only the aid of her old friend, Shotgun,


Fury has to infiltrate the corrupt ranks of the Overlord’s Empire to exact her revenge. However, members of the royal family have their own devious plans, and Fury soon finds herself tangled deep in the snake pit ultimately realizing that vengeance is never a painless road. A comedic twist on the classic Jacobean Revengers tragedy, T5V gives the feel of 1970’s kung-fu cinema.

Affair of Honor brings together a powerhouse team of collaborators — from playwright and director Jovanni Sy to Jessie Award winning multimedia design collective Chimerik 似不像 — to create this action-packed spectacle.

Content Advisory: Includes coarse language, violence and sensitive subject matter including depictions of non-consensual drug use and whipping; references to sex; and insinuation and references to sexual assault.

Effects: haze, loud noises and intense flashing lights.

Recommended for ages 14+

Check out our digital program.  Please be patient it takes a bit of time to load.

Production Photo: Zemekiss Photography

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