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A Little Bit Of Our Journey So Far...

Affair of Honor began with Jackie and Nathania creating staged fights to perform for events and fundraisers throughout the city. Both certified actor combatants and board members with The Academy of Fight Directors Canada, they have performed at Harvest Haus hosted by the Social Concierge and been invited to many fundraisers for independant performance companies. They have worked as fight choreographers for Caravan Farm Theatre, Geekenders, The Young People’s Opera Society, University of British Columbia, Capilano University, Instant Theatre and multiple independent films while also holding their own workshops and providing private coaching sessions.


They debuted their first theatre production of Qui Nugyen’s Soul Samurai, at the Vancouver Fringe Festival Dramatic Work Series in 2017 and a very successful remount at Studio 1398 in 2018.  The Soul Samurai Remount in 2018 was recognized by the theatre community and Affair of Honor recieved their first Jessie Richardson Theatre Award Nomination for  Significant Artistic Achievement for Outstanding fusion of kinetic dance and martial arts fight choreography within the small theatre



They developed and produced an improvised fight episodic inspired by Romeo and Juliet titled House of Arms in 2018. Heroine by Karen Bassett was the first show to tour, in Vancouver in July 2018 to the 2018 Edmonton International Fringe Festival. August 2019 saw the premiere of the company's first original written work Playthings, that premiered at Pacific Theatre and then toured to the Edmonton Fringe Festival.  Affair of Honor received their first artist residency with Presentation House Theatre and produced a version of Playthings in April 2021 using 8 foot ramps inspired by the dance company Diavolo.  Continuing the development of Playthings they are working on revamping the script for a new market.


They are currently working with writer Roselyn Kelada-Sedra on a new work in St. Catherines, ON. As well, they are very excited to work alongside Jovanni Sy, producing, acting and designing fight choreography for his original script and Kung fu epic which will do its first technical dramaturgical workshop with Chimerik in November 2021.  All the while working with Playwright Fairlith Harvey on her new work Kill The Ripper which will premiere at the Rio in Vancouver in January 2022 and will have performances in Presentation House Theatre and in Kamloops.

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