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Affair of Honor is a Jessie nominated fight and movement based theater and performance company, focused on continuous training in the art of performance combat, ensemble building and multiple mediums of physical theatre. Affair of Honor is committed to creating visually stunning fight and movement based productions as well as providing a platform for emerging artists, showcasing our diverse BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ communities and cultivating stories with women at the forefront.

Affair of Honor was founded  by Nathania Bernabe and Jackie T. Hanlin to create a play ground for exploring fight and movement based stories.


Affair of Honor acknowledges that they create on the lands of the

Coast Salish People

and they are grateful to live, work and train here.



Affair of Honor is committed to creating visually stunning fight and movement based Theatre.  Our aim is to create realistic and/or fantasy based stage and film combat while still preserving the safety of the individual artist and the ensemble.

Affair of Honor was founded on continuous learning and rigorous training from mentors and fight directors from all over the world in order to broaden our knowledge  of historical and performative combat.

Through our productions, live performances, training and collaborations with other shakers and movers, Affair of Honor will continue to challenge physical and mental limitations in regards to combative storytelling.

Affair of Honor has created a place for artists of all shapes and sizes to explore the realm of physical theatre.  We strive for diversity and what it truly means to be inclusive.  We want to build a community of acceptance and patience all the while learning how to kick ass.

More about us? Check out our company history and our creative team.

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