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"Is there any part of you that cares how history will look on your life?" 


By Karen Bassett

July 10 - 14, 2018
Pacific Theatre, 1440 W 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6H 1M8

Held entirely within a prison cell in 1722 Jamaica, two legendary pirates, Anne Bonny and Mary Read, have been captured and await the gallows. While one wishes only repentance, the other refuses to give up her life without a fight. An exploration of the human condition, 'Heroine' dives into the lives of Anne and Mary while they are forced unearth their pasts while facing their demise. When disguising oneself as a man is punishable by death, they compare their lives crossdressing among men: rising through rank or reputation, how they handled their love lives and what being a "real woman" is supposed to mean. Clashing sword fights, brutal wrestling matches and sharp as a blade humour bring these historical figures to the stage to explore what a life well lived truly is.

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